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Why Participate in the Contest?

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Work Towards a More Sustainable Future

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Show Off Your Filmmaking Skills

By taking part in the World of 8 Billion student video contest, you can share your ideas on how to tackle global problems related to population.

Think critically about these global challenges and share what you think we should do to fix them.

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This Year’s Contest Topics

Human population issues remain central to the contest, but the specific global challenges we address change each year.
Find resources and research about this year’s topics below.

See past winning videos!

The Meat of the Future Place 1st Place

Agriculture & Food

Abigail McDaniel »

Great Valley High School Malvern, PA

Overfishing: a fishy business and how to combat it Place 1st Place

Ocean Health

Fatma Raghani »

Lycée Français Théodore Monod Nouakchott, Mauritania

Greener Cities are Stronger Cities Place 1st Place


Nagasujan Ganesh Kumar »

Enloe High School Raleigh, NC

Urban Sprawl: A Challenge Place 1st Place


Arnav Bali »

Central Middle School Edgewater, MD

Keep the Corals Colorful Place 1st Place

Ocean Health

Alicia Ortiz »

Plaza Middle School Virginia Beach, VA

Aquaponics: A Self-Sustainable Solution to the Rising Demand for Food and Water Place 1st Place

Agriculture & Food

Benjamin Kurian »

Olentangy Liberty Middle School Powell, OH

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Use the free lesson plans in your classroom, explore the ‘Quick Trip to 8 Billion’ wall chart, or assign the video contest to your class.