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2024 Winners

Why Participate in the Contest?

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Work Towards a More Sustainable Future

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Win Prizes up to $1,200

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Show Off Your Filmmaking Skills

By taking part in the World of 8 Billion student video contest, you can share your ideas on how to tackle global problems related to population growth.

Think critically about these global challenges and share what you think we should do to fix them.

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See the winning videos from this year’s topics below.

Human population issues remain central to the contest, but the specific global challenges we address change each year.

See 2024 Winning Videos!

Coastal Communities Place 1st Place

Climate Migration

Sahil Parasharami »

Central Middle School Eden Prairie, MN

Hydroponics to Feed the Planet Place 1st Place


Astrid Winterstein »

Mandela International Magnet School Santa Fe, NM

An Ancient Invasion Place 1st Place

Invasive Species

Daniel Taich »

Hawken Middle School Lyndhurst, OH

Floods: Planting A Stable Coastline Place 1st Place

Climate Migration

Ruike Pan »

Eastside Preparatory School Kirkland, WA

Breathe Easy with Living Walls Place 1st Place


Nila Arunkumar »

McNeil High School Austin, TX

Saving The Bosque Place 1st Place

Invasive Species

Jack Barkhurst »

Corrales International School Albuquerque, NM

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