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Before submitting your video use this checklist to make sure you have followed all the rules and guidelines of the World of 8 Billion video contest.

Contest organizers will contact you via email from [email protected] regarding your video’s status. Please be sure to check your email account regularly in March – May 2024 to ensure you receive updates about your video!

  • Title Screen using the Title Screen Template to include the Lead Producer’s name, School name, School city, state, Title of video, Total running time (not including the 5 second title screen)
  • Does your video connect population to your global topic?
  • Does your video offer at least one sustainable solution?
  • Is your video 60 seconds or less (not including the title screen)?
  • Did you check for typos on any text that appears in your video?
  • Did you check if the images you used are under copyright?
  • Did you check if the music you used is royalty-free?
  • Does your audio work?
  • Did you keep a copy of the list of sources used in your video?
  • Did you complete the necessary permission forms?
2023-2024 Contest Entries are Open!
Submit Your Video

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