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Timotej Cvirn, Benjamin Poljanc, Vid Kregar, Amadej Pavšič

St. Stanislav's Institution Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Timotej Cvirn is in his third year at St. Stanislav’s Institution: Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, where he attends with co-producers Benjamin Poljanc, Vid Kregar, and Amadej Pavšič. A fan of sharing ideas through film, Timotej found out about the contest through an online search, and he chose to focus on preventing pollution because of its direct connection to people. “When I started to explore the topic, I found it interesting, but concerning too.” Timotej explained that he hadn’t made the connection with population prior to his research but now sees it as obvious, along with the need to act. “It’s important to start solving the problems now,” he says, “If we start solving them when we hit 10 billion, it might be too late.”

Timotej is not new to filmmaking, having created videos on his own and with friends – from commercials for small Slovenian businesses, to artsy films of acrobatics, to educational films on the importance of the Euro. He chose to use live actors in this video, the form he is most familiar with, but make the production completely non-verbal. This strategic decision would ensure that everyone, even non-English speakers, would understand the message – an important attribute of the film, given the global nature of the issue. Focusing on the message is his advice to future contest participants, too. As he stated, “Brainstorm to get a good story. You can film the video with a smartphone, but you need a good message.”

The four friends do not live very close to each other and getting together at the same time and in the same place proved to be challenging. Timotej hopes to continue making films in the future, both personally and commercially. Eventually, he wants to go to film school and make feature-length movies. In the meantime, when he’s not working on his studies or a film project, Timotej enjoys mountain biking on Slovenia’s many mountains.

Food Waste

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