Choosing the Right Video Editing Software for Beginners and Students: 7 Free and Easy-to-Use Apps

The seven apps listed and linked below are free, fun, and easy-to-use on iOS/Apple and Android devices. We’ve also included…

girl using app to edit video on smartphone

Youth Engagement in Environmental Activism: Igniting Change for a More Sustainable Future

In order to solve severe environmental concerns, young people are speaking up, becoming a catalyst for change, and demanding action…

Teen girl attends environmental protest and holds sign reading Our Future's on the Line

Announcing Our 2022-2023 World of 8 Billion Winners!

Discover the inspiring winners of the 2022-2023 World of 8 Billion Video Contest, as we celebrate their remarkable creativity and commitment to addressing global issues.

Take Action All Year Round with The Activism Toolkit

Now that your students have finished their World of 8 Billion videos, how can they continue to make an impact…

group of friends volunteering and packaging food

7 Important Things to Remember When Prepping Your Video for Submission

Watch for typos and grammatical errors in any written text. Have someone else proofread everything before submitting it! Make sure…

Opening up Opportunities Through Student Film Making 

Discover how student film projects can foster creativity, critical thinking, and global awareness while providing a platform for young voices to be heard.

How to Cite Your Sources for your World of 8 Billion Video

Citing your sources is essential to any research project, including your World of 8 Billion video! We receive many questions…

An illustration of a textbook and magnifying glass.

How to Edit Your World of 8 Billion Video

You’ve done your research, written your script, filmed your video, and now it’s time to edit! This step can be…

A pair of hands holding a movie clapperboard

3 Ways to Use the World of 8 Billion Video Contest in Your Classroom

Discover three innovative ways to incorporate the World of 8 Billion Video Contest into your classroom and engage students in critical discussions about global challenges.

Picture of a caucasian teen kid conducting interview with african american friend for video blog

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