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Opening up Opportunities Through Student Film Making 

Discover how student film projects can foster creativity, critical thinking, and global awareness while providing a platform for young voices to be heard.

How to Cite Your Sources for your World of 8 Billion Video

Citing your sources is essential to any research project, including your World of 8 Billion video! We receive many questions…

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How to Edit Your World of 8 Billion Video

You’ve done your research, written your script, filmed your video, and now it’s time to edit! This step can be…

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3 Ways to Use the World of 8 Billion Video Contest in Your Classroom

Discover three innovative ways to incorporate the World of 8 Billion Video Contest into your classroom and engage students in critical discussions about global challenges.

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Student Video Contest is a Great Project for SEL

Having a foundation in SEL (social-emotional learning) means your students can set and achieve goals, manage their emotions, and succeed…

Introducing… Our New Video Project Organizer!

This year we are adding a very exciting tool to help you create your World of 8 Billion videos: a…

The Video Project Organizer is a digital notebook that promotes collaboration and keeps students organized.

Why Did the Name of the Contest Change to World of 8 Billion?

The current name of the student video contest – World of 8 Billion – is based on the current global…

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Climate Change: An Introduction

Climate change is impacting Earth’s systems and living things all around the world. Learn more about this topic here!

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Gender Equality: An Introduction

Learn more about global gender inequalities and their impact on human suffering and environmental problems.

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