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Agriculture & Food

Middle School Finalists

“Habitat Loss, A Problem to Remember”

Cece Axtell, Evelyn Schuurman, Maia Pawar, and Avery Graverson

Shorewood Intermediate School, Shorewood, WI

“Reducing Harmful Chemical Use with a New Method of Farming”

Ashok Nambisan

Stanford Online School, Redwood City, CA

“Solution for Food Waste”

Martyna Iwan

Plaza Middle School, Virginia Beach, VA

“Fighting Food Insecurity”

Yina Hwang

Samuel V. Noe Middle School, Louisville, KY

“How Agriculture Relates to Overpopulation”

Isaiah Guerrieri and Camilla Guerrieri

Renfroe Middle School, Decatur, GA

“Human Population: The Journey to Habitat Loss”

Keira Chang and Jara Fall

Hawken School, Lyndhurst, OH

“Food Security Solutions”

Addison Trice

Hidden Oaks Middle School, Prior Lake, MN

High School Finalists

“Agricultural Drawback: Irrigation”

Nathan Chong and Reuben Seow

St, Joseph’s Institution, Singapore

“Vertical Farms: A Solution to Food Insecurity”

Althea Michel Baluyut

Singapore School Manila, Parañaque, Philippines

“Vertical Farming, The First Step to Sustainable Agriculture”

Jaeyi Kim

Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Indonesia

“Access to Food and Food Insecurity”

Aubrey Schraml, Esther Cha, Abigail Chang, and Kaitlynn Bird

Village High School, Colorado Springs, CO

“Soil Health and Health of Humanity”

Nila Arunkumar

McNeil High School, Austin, TX

“For Land’s Sake!”

Addison Willis and Petra Christensen

Compass Academy, Idaho Falls, ID

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