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7 Important Things to Remember When Prepping Your Video for Submission

  1. Watch for typos and grammatical errors in any written text. Have someone else proofread everything before submitting it!
  2. Make sure not to use copyrighted material such as popular music. Try to use royalty free music instead.
  3. Refrain from talking super fast or speeding up your voice to fit everything in the time limit. Instead try editing down what you have to say to fit within the constraints.
  4. Make sure you give a strong and creative solution to your presented problem. Recycling is awesome, but it’s one that we hear a lot. Think outside the box in order to help your video stand out.
  5. Use a consistent tone of voice throughout the video, this is especially important for videos containing multiple speakers. It comes off strange if one person is super upbeat and the other person is completely monotone.
  6. Mind the time limit. You have 60 seconds or less – no more!
  7. Reduce the background noise in your video, so we can hear what you’re saying clearly. Try recording in a quiet space like your bedroom, your teacher’s office, or even a closet!

Remember to check out our Rules & Guidelines and Tips for Your Video pages as well for additional information.

Congrats on being one step closer to submitting your video!