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Take Action All Year Round with The Activism Toolkit

Now that your students have finished their World of 8 Billion videos, how can they continue to make an impact on the topics they are passionate about?

Check out the Activism Toolkit where students learn about making changes in their school, community, and beyond. The Toolkit has ideas on how they can model their message by making daily changes and includes some apps and websites to help keep them motivated. There are also ideas for making changes in their school by starting a club, putting together an assembly, or turning their issues into a class project. 

The Toolkit also encourages students to think about how they can create awareness beyond their school by tabling at events or volunteering with local and national organizations. There are ideas on how to fundraise to support their cause and ways that they can share what they learned by writing a letter to the editor, sharing their video on social media, or taking it a step further and starting a Podcast!

Finally, the Activism Toolkit provides information on how to influence lawmakers which includes templates for reaching out to Legislators by email or phone, how to find public events that members of Congress will be attending, and ways to volunteer for future elections and campaigns that are critical to the issues they are learning about.

Students can start taking action based on what they learned while creating their videos, or they can explore additional population-related issues that interest them!